Friday, December 1, 2006


Dear Fellow Net Entrepreneur,

I don’t need to tell you how expensive professional web design is. Or how time-consuming it can be if you decide to do it yourself.

That’s why I’ve started using templates.

The best template designs are entire ‘ready to go’ websites created by PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS. All you need to do is insert your company name and content -- and away you go! It’s a great way to get top quality, cheap site design for a fraction of the usual price.

In fact, most web designers simply use templates themselves - and pocket a nice fat fee for just an hour or two’s work!

You can buy these templates online just about anywhere. I usually buy the more expensive quality templates – at around a $100 a pop each.

That’s why I thought I’d send you details of this hot little CD I discovered a few weeks ago! (In fact, when I first saw it, I thought it was some sort of pricing mistake – so I took advantage and bought straight away!)

It’s called the “Website Templates CD” and it contains HUNDREDS of top quality template designs to suit every type of site you will EVER create.

These are stunning, graphically-awesome masterpieces which are easy to customize to your exact requirements. They even GIVE YOU THE SOFTWARE you might need make any changes!

This is SO OBVIOUSLY NOT just a collection of bargain basement amateur-looking rubbish they can’t sell anywhere else. These are TOP QUALITY, PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED sites, any one of which would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in design fees.

The best part of this news is that you can get this CD for just $39.95.

And for a limited time only, you’ll get nearly a $1,000 worth of free software too! When you consider that the majority of template sites will charge you AT LEAST $50 for just ONE template, this is a deal and a half...

That’s why I’m recommending this product to you today. Check it out:

To your online success,



HTML Protector

Dear Fellow Net Entrepreneur

If you’ve got a web site, you can bet your life that someone, somewhere is stealing from it.

… Going direct to your product pages before they have even bought the product … copying and pasting your content and passing it off as their own …opening up your site in their frames and getting the credit for it ... harvesting email addresses to sell to spammers…

Believe me, I’ve seen entire companies doing this for a LIVING!

As a business man, it’s been a huge issue for me over the years -- and last year, I finally decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So, I got serious about finding a way to stop people ripping us off.

I ended up spending a fortune on software, most of which was completely
useless or vastly overpriced.

Finally, three months ago, I discovered HTML-Protector. And it has revolutionized the way I operate - and saved me a FORTUNE from site thieves!

I don’t see why these idiots should get away with stealing. And so if you have a site you’d like to keep protected, then I’d like to recommend HTML-Protector – for a total protection solution that REALLY WORKS.

Check out the site – and get secure:

To your online success,



Dear Fellow Net Entrepreneur,

I used to spend ages (and a lot of cash) at specialist domain sites, desperately seeking the next big website address.

Domains with just two or three letters which are easy to sell on … expired domains with links in DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory … or domains which just sound really cool.

But boy, are these hard to find! In fact, I’d just about given up looking. The trouble is, EVERYONE IS SEARCHING AT THE SAME SITES!

It’s still possible to earn a KILLING from expired names. A select few people are doing just that. But not by blindly following what the majority are doing.

These guys are using Expired Domain Names Pro – and now I’ve found it, so am I!

Expired Domain Names Pro searches Google and Yahoo! for expired domain names and alerts you instantly when it finds one to meet the criteria you choose.

Or, you can generate thousands of exciting domain names from a keyword and see which expiring domains are available which fit the bill.

It’s an awesome tool which takes all the hard work out of finding expired domain names. With just a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse, you get the cream of the crop, every time -- while your competitors are left scrabbling in the dust for rubbish.

Check it out here:

To your online success,




Hi Friend,

There's a secret tool I'm using on my PC -- right now.

It enables you to suddenly attract thousands of new customers and affiliates... and absolutely rocket your search engine ranking... all at the same time.

I've been using it for the past two months with phenomenal results -- and today, I'm writing to recommend it to YOU.

It's called My E-mail Spider and you can check it out at

This neat little program can quickly collect thousands of targeted e-mail addresses -- all at the click of a button.

Just enter a few keywords for the market you're trying to reach, and it'll search the Web and extract every e-mail address it finds. You'll save weeks in research -- and be able to instantly connect with people you would NEVER have discovered otherwise!

Discover thousands of potential new customers... uncover affiliates you'd like to add to your network of contacts... even find new link exchange partners, to help increase your inbound links and rocket your search engine ranking!

It's all possible, with My E-mail Spider.

Just click to begin, then do a Microsoft Word e-mail merge to send out your message to the individuals. And you're done. It's that's simple.

I've tried it myself and thoroughly recommend this fantastic tool.

Check out the site -- BEFORE YOUR COMPETITORS. It costs less than the cost of a decent lunch - and it's available for instant download for a limited time only.

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Thanks for your time,




Dear Friend,

How would you like to attract THOUSANDS of new customers to your business -- without spamming, or feeding the greedy staff behind Google AdWords?

There's a new marketing wave about to sweep the Internet -- and I wanted YOU to be one of the first to know about it.

It's called FAX MARKETING -- and it's been set on FIRE by a new program called Extract Fax Numbers.

Just enter your keywords into this program, and it'll instantly begin searching the Internet for fax numbers. Within a few hours, you'll have THOUSANDS of hot new prospects at your fingertips.

But surely it'll cost BIG TIME to send faxes to all of those individuals?

No way. With the "Fax Sender" program included with Extract Fax Numbers, you can send your message around the globe absolutely FREE of charge.

That means for less than the cost of a decent lunch, you can download this program -- and have your marketing message sitting on THOUSANDS of fax machines throughout the globe by sunset!!

You'll wake up tomorrow with $$$$$$'s in fresh sales -- and a Web site hit counter spinning like crazy.

Interested? Take action NOW -- before your competitors do.

Check out the official site:

Remember who told you first!

Thanks for your time,



Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered --

'COULD I Be Building My Own Software Empire?'

Stop wondering! I've never seen anything like this --

I just found a guide that distills software development into a simple step-by-step plan that you can follow --

...even if you've NEVER written a lick of code!

'Software Secrets -- Exposed!' is a new course developed by a former CTO and programming veteran. I've found it low on fluff -- and big on proven strategies that anyone can follow --

I'm looking at the guide right now -- and CRINGING that I didn't own it a year ago -- I can only wonder how much more money I would be making with it in my library.

Get the details here:




Dear Fellow Entrepreneur

When you’re trying to find a name for your business, or a new product you have launched -- doesn’t it seem like all the best names are already taken?

And then, when you finally think of one, you try to register the .com domain name only to find that it’s been snapped up already?

This is a constant problem for us. With a full catalog of products and new titles being launched every week, we just don’t have time to sit here brainstorming names all day long!

That’s why we were delighted to find a cool software product which generates UNLIMITED name ideas based on words you give it.

It’s called NameRazor and it makes business name brainstorming EASY!

NameRazor is NOT like some of those awful generators you might have seen out there which just take your name and then add ‘enterprises’ on the end or stick ‘best’ at the front. No thank you, I can do better myself!

Instead, NameRazor uses a highly technical naming algorithm which analyses the styling and content of your base word to generate a name which fits so well, it’s uncanny.

I use NameRazor for new software products... for new brands... for new offline business names... for new domains... for new information products... in fact I find myself using it several times every week and it always delivers the goods.

Take five minutes out now and check this out. You won’t regret it:

To your online success,