Friday, December 8, 2006


Hello my friend,

I'm sure you've heard stories about how some
marketers are able to make a killing every time
they mail their list. It seems like those people
have an almost "magical" ability to make money on
demand, doesn't it?Well the truth is... it's not
magic, and here's why.

There's actually a proven structure behind
every one of those money-sucking emails, and the
good news is...


How would you like to make thousands
of dollars every time you hit the "send" button?
Well now, for the first time ever, it's actually
possible, thanks to a new set of free videos that
just hit the market!

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Here's what this is all about:
My friend, Michael Rasmussen, has just released a
brand new set of online videos that walks you
through the process of creating emails that suck
the cash right out of your readers' wallets and
into your bank account.He'll teach you things like:

* A simple way to create an "email blueprint"

that practically writes the email for you!

* The single biggest mistake people make with

subject lines that guarantees your email won't
get opened.

* A simple trick that will keep your readers eyesglued to
the screen and force them to read every word! Hint: it involves
using the three "magic words".

And that's just the beginning!

After watching Michael's videos just once,
you'll be armed with a new set of powerful tactics for
creating money-sucking email promos that can make
you rich!

The good news is that it's not some kind of
inborn ability that some people have and others
don't. You can learn how to write killer email
promos just like the pro's do by following the
secrets laid out in these videos.

You'll learn things like:

  • How to force people to keep reading once they
    open your email proven tricks from the world'stop
  • How to create bullets that captures people's attention,
    and makes your offer irresistible!
  • 6 mistakes people make when writing promos
    that hurts their results.
  • ...and so much more!
Listen, the ability to write powerful email promotions is one
of the most important skills you could possess as an Internetmarketer.
If you can't get your readers to buy what you'reselling,
then you don't make any money... period.

These videos make the learning process as easy as
humanly possible by laying everything out for you
in a step-by-step process... And best of all he's
giving them to you for FREE!

Do yourself a favor and check out Michael's new
videos right now. They're available for a limited
time only, and there is no charge (for now anyway...
I'm not sure how long Michael will keep it that way).
Here's the URL:

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