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Learn How Marketing Experts Leverage The Internet To Sell Thousands Online!

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Have you read all the eBooks on Internet marketing? Tried to start your own web business, and failed? Well you're doing it all wrong.

Most of the "experts" on the Internet are newer to the Internet than you. They setup a website trying to sell you products claiming to offer you a product that will turn your life around.

Making you thousands over night, or they promise that you will make $100,000 in 4 months. There are way too many scams on the Internet that are just designed to do one thing.

Scams That Separate You From Your Money!

Then there are the "experts". The experts have been working online for years. When they started they never sold a product that claimed to make money online. They built a REAL business, not a fly by night business.

So, you ask what makes Tim Knox, and Costa Dedes experts on Internet marketing? Well, lets meet Tim Knox first.

Meet Tim Knox

As a sought-after speaker, syndicated business columnist, and contributing business writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, Tim's unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who read his columns and hear him speak every year.

Tim's unique message is filled with humor and common sense: 2 things that are sorely lacking in business these days.

Tim knows what makes entrepreneurs and executives tick. Tim knows what it takes to take advantage of pattern interrupts in small and large businesses. Tim also knows how to create the pattern interrupts where once there were none.

Tim says it best: "There's little opportunity in calm waters. Make waves, then sell boats."

As a frontline manager and executive, Tim architected and led the charge in bringing companies like The Boeing Company, Teledyne Technologies, Mercedes Benz, and others into the Internet Age.

Tim spent 15 years blazing trails in Corporate America until his entrepreneurial spirit finally got the best of him.

In 1995, he resigned his executive position and started his first fulltime business. And he has never looked back.

As an entrepreneur, Tim has founded four successful technology businesses with revenues in excess of a million dollars a year. He has firmly established himself as a nationally-recognized entrepreneur, columnist, speaker, and teacher.

Now Tim is bringing his entrepreneurial expertise back to those who need it most: small business entrepreneurs and big business executives.

"It's time to put the entrepreneur back in business." Tim Knox

Real entrepreneurs know that opportunity is not delivered like pizza. Real entrepreneurs do not wait for opportunity to come along.

Real entrepreneurs seek out opportunity. They get up off the couch or get out of their cubicles, go out the door, and run up and down every street in town knocking on every door they come to.

Sometimes opportunity answers the door, sometimes not, but real entrepreneurs keep knocking. When people ask where I went to school I give the old reply: The School of Hard Knocks!

But I don’t mean that life has beaten me up on my way to where I am today. I mean that I went up to a lot of doors and knocked as hard as I could and every now and then, opportunity answered.

Meet Costa Dedes

Internet marketing, Niche Marketing and Affiliate marketing are all strong points for Costa Dedes - and now you can add E-Mail marketing to the mix as well with the launch of his new list-building site, List Explode.

Costa Dedes is a true Internet phenomenon - he wrote his first free program and put it with a paid upgrade - a current trend - 10 YEARS AGO!

Even more amazing, Costa was 13 years old at the time!!! Now, with 10 years of experience under his belt he's emerged near the top of the pack, and shows no signs of slowing down...

Costa Dedes has had top selling Clickbank products for over 2 years. The first "info" product he released was sent to #2 on Clickbank in the Marketing and Ads section of Clickbank.

From that position he landed and brokered many large JV deals resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in sales in under a month.

Costa is a master at SEO and has sites that are ranked in the top 10 for keywords with over 150 million competing terms. The traffic and eMail lists he builds purely with SEO grow at a steady rate every day. He is quickly becoming a must have JV partner.

Seminar Details

You will have instant access to the full recording of a one hour live teleseminar with Internet Marketing Masters Tim Knox and Costa Dedes, which covered all aspects of Internet marketing, including free search engine listings, pay-per-click, traffic services, optin list building, joint ventures, ezine advertising, newsletter advertising, and more.

Learn as the masters discuss the techniques needed to get your site listed on the search engines for free. Increase your natural search engine traffic, which in return increases your list size, and your wallet size.

Learn what Costa Dedes thinks of banner advertising and why Tim Knox disagrees 100%, yet Costa does not understand why Tim thinks what he does.

You will also hear about a viral method of building your business and eMail list.

I must tell you that this eBook only works (to my knowledge) on PC's. If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, you won't have any trouble at all viewing this eBook successfully.

However, if you're on a Mac you'll more than likely have trouble viewing it.

A Great Product + Resale Rights = BIG Profits For YOU

I'm sure you know there's a ton of eBook resale rights around these days. BUT - if you really want to make money selling an eBook you have rights to, you need:

* A very high quality product.

* An effective sales letter.

* A professionally designed website with great looking graphics.

Now - this eBook is brand new. Get a copy now, start promoting it immediately and you'll make the most profits. Wait a day or a week or a month, and literally more and more profits will pass you by.

Now, I'm certainly not saying this to brag, but I wrote this sales copy, and my copy has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products online, if not millions of dollars worth. AND - from very affordable eBooks like this one.

And just by having a copy of this product, you can sell it or present it pretty much any way you choose. You can even turn it into a physical product by putting it onto a data CD or a DVD. This would make it a good way to sell on eBay. It's totally up to you!

Unlike most people, I'm not going to bury my guarantee and hope you forget about it.

I'm putting it here - right out in front. And you're reading it now because you really can't miss it in this bright yellow box.

That's the point.

I'm this bold, because I know you will LOVE this product, and find it hugely valuable.

But, if for any reason for up to 90 days (that's a whole three months) after purchasing this product you choose it's not for you, all you have to do is request a prompt, and no quibbles refund.

I'm telling you this so that you realize there really is absolutely no risk to you at all.

Order Now!

If you're interested in the resale rights and selling this product yourself, I'm sure you realize that the sooner you get a copy, the more you will profit. The longer you wait, the more your competition will pick off your customers.

Download your copy Now. You will immediately be directed to the download link on the payment complete page. Look for it!



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