Friday, December 1, 2006


Dear Fellow Net Entrepreneur,

I used to spend ages (and a lot of cash) at specialist domain sites, desperately seeking the next big website address.

Domains with just two or three letters which are easy to sell on … expired domains with links in DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory … or domains which just sound really cool.

But boy, are these hard to find! In fact, I’d just about given up looking. The trouble is, EVERYONE IS SEARCHING AT THE SAME SITES!

It’s still possible to earn a KILLING from expired names. A select few people are doing just that. But not by blindly following what the majority are doing.

These guys are using Expired Domain Names Pro – and now I’ve found it, so am I!

Expired Domain Names Pro searches Google and Yahoo! for expired domain names and alerts you instantly when it finds one to meet the criteria you choose.

Or, you can generate thousands of exciting domain names from a keyword and see which expiring domains are available which fit the bill.

It’s an awesome tool which takes all the hard work out of finding expired domain names. With just a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse, you get the cream of the crop, every time -- while your competitors are left scrabbling in the dust for rubbish.

Check it out here:

To your online success,



RegisterCompass said...

Hi Guys,

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Many internet marketers use link exchange programs.

They spend boatloads of money trying to increase their websites' link popularity.

It's much easier to buy valuable dropping domains which already have great link popularity.

For example, did you notice that last year Microsoft forgot to renew their domain ?

Since it had expired, anybody could grab it.

Warning: It's not uncommon to miss renewal notices.

If you have more than a few domains, this probably has already happened to you.

If it hasn't, it probably will.

Credit cards expire. Sometimes the autorenew is unintentionally set to "off".

This is an easy way to lose a valuable old domain.

If this happens to you, you can bet it happens to everybody!

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When a domain unintentionally expires that's your chance!

Quickly and easily comb through a pool of more than 30,000 expiring domains daily.

RegisterCompass offers you the ability to search for domains with:

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suji said...

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It's low cost...